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Jamie Waller started Ring My Neck when her pregnant friends began swelling out of their wedding rings. After doing some research, she learned that 75% of pregnant women suffer from edema (swelling) beginning in the fifth month of their pregnancy. It is such an emotional time, a time when women are especially attached to their partner, their marriage, and the ring that symbolizes it. After a short while, other women became interested in Ring My Neck. There are many professions that don't allow women to wear their rings, such as doctors, aestheticians, nurses, hairstylists, massage therapists, and so on. Many women also choose to not wear a ring when playing golf, gardening, or cleaning. There are so many uses other than the original plan to design it for pregnant women.

Do you have an heirloom ring that belonged to a parent or grandparent that you don't wear on your finger? Ring My Neck has many styles to accommodate that special ring. Many widows find comfort in wearing their spouse's ring on a necklace after their passing.

Now with 2 young children, this is a business run by a stay at home mom. You are helping to support a family by giving your business to Ring My Neck! It is appreciated more than you know.